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Recovery RedefinED.

How do you define Recovery?

Located in Oak Park, IL. Jenn Beasley LLC supports clients locally and nationwide through Recovery RedefinED Coaching and Consulting Services. Eating Disorders are deadly. They take over ones' mind and life, leaving the person struggling and feeling at war with oneself. The recovery process is overwhelming and exhausting. It is often times the hardest thing you may ever have to do. So, why isn't regular support available when you are faced with real life and real world obligations? 

I specialize in eating disorders, providing support and accountability from the beginning stages of recovery to the final stages. Whether you are personally struggling with an eating disorder, or your child is struggling, I am here for you! I have helped many individuals and families in their recovery journeys. As an Eating Disorder Consultant, I have helped many professionals: therapists, doctors, coaches,etc. learn how to best support their client in their recovery. Together, we worked as a team, ensuring the client's best interest was met. 





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Areas of Services

Meal Support

We know how it sit down to begin your meal and the volume of the voices get louder. You may get so tired of fighting them, you decide to do as they say to get them to go away (at least for a bit). Or you may continue to eat large amounts to distract yourself and  finally feel some relief from them. Or maybe you are at a place where you choose to ignore or disobey the voices and move ahead eating your meal...until someone at the table begins to talk about their diet, or comments on your food. Whatever the scenario is, you are not alone. At times like these, have someone to text, call, etc...and I would be honored to be that someone for you. 


Eating Disorders are serious illnesses that can be difficult to treat. I strive to anticipate these challenges so you can focus more on the underlining issues that are often masked by the serious symptoms. Among my clients are therapists, doctors, parents, nutritionists, dentists and many others. I tailor each consultation according to ones' needs, but all include identifying problems and finding solutions.

Recovery coaching

Recovery is hard. You deserve support from someone who "gets it" throughout your journey. I've helped many realize that recovery is Probable and Doable for all. I've extended my services virtually to allow everyone receive support!

Recovery is possible for everyone when provided with the appropriate amount of support required each and every day.
— Jenn Beasley


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